Counseling Services

Secure Foundation Counseling has many services designed to help you get through whatever life throws at you.  We also offer counseling services for groups, couples, and families.

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Individual Therapy at Secure Foundation Counseling
Individual counseling designed to suit your growth and well being

Do you feel you are unheard and not understood? Do you need help with figuring out what is causing your mental health issues? Are your mental health issues affecting the way you function in day-to-day life and with your loved ones? You need one-one individual counseling sessions to set you on the right path and help you recover from your mental health issues.

Family Counseling

Family Therapy at Secure Foundation Counseling
Family counseling that heals

Families are a source of comfort and support to individuals. But sometimes, relationships can be strained and people can feel left out. Are you feeling that way or do you know someone in the family that may be feeling that way? It may be a good idea to try counseling.

Family Counseling


Relationship Therapy at Secure Foundation Counseling
Relationship Counseling that Strengthens your bonds

Relationships are hard work they involve a constant effort to keep each other happy and at peace.  If you are facing such problems, it is best to mitigate them in a proper way rather than letting them boil over and ruin your relationship.  Secure Foundation Counseling offers relationship counseling sessions that allow you to strengthen your bond and persevere as a couple.

Group Counseling

Group Therapy at Secure Foundation Counseling
Planned group counseling to achieve collective results

Are you struggling as a group to achieve your one common goal in a uniform way? Are you struggling to achieve an agreement when discussing things? The answer to these problems lies in group counseling. Secure Foundation Counseling has the expertise to offer you group counseling services that are tailored to the needs of the group and help them overcome obstacles to success.

Group Counseling