Planned Group Counseling to Achieve Collective Results

Are you struggling as a group to achieve your one common goal in a uniform way? Are you struggling to achieve an agreement when discussing things? Do you feel like there are unspoken grievances amongst the members of a group that are not allowing it to function as one unit and achieve success? The answer to these problems lies in group counseling. Secure Foundation Counseling has the expertise to offer you group counseling services that are tailored to the needs of the group and help them overcome obstacles to success.

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What is Group Counseling?

Group counseling involves 5-10 individuals that identify as part of a group and 1-2 facilitation counselors. It can prove to be a powerful tool to drive change and innovation in a group that is facing difficulty in being on one page or has simply gone stagnant in their growth and ideas.

What makes group counseling so unique, is that it allows for a setting where each individual in the group is properly exposed to the perspectives, ideas, and opinions of every other member. It allows for self-awareness through group awareness. It helps each individual clearly see how their behavior has been affecting other people in their group and how has that reflected on the functioning of the group as a whole.

Group counseling can present itself as a platform for safe idea sharing and innovation as well. Group counseling can be most relevant for college groups, work-based groups, business partners, etc.

When Do You Need Group Counseling

Groups comprise of diverse individuals that have different needs, perspectives, and opinions. It is natural for these individuals to have conflict and disagreement.

Sometimes, this conflict or disagreement can aggravate to a point where it stops the group from functioning properly and achieving its purpose. This is where group counseling comes in and allows these individuals to bridge these gaps, understand each other, act in a manner that fits the needs of the group and achieve their goals together.

Group counseling might be beneficial for:

  1. A group that has gone through trauma together
  2. A group of college students working on a project together
  3. A group of co-workers
  4. A group of business partners
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Types of Group Counseling

At Secure Foundation Counseling, we understand that there can be different kinds of groups that may have different counseling needs. That is why we offer counseling sessions in all diverse kinds of group settings including:

  1. Structured or Psychoeducational Group Counseling:
    These groups are often structured around one common theme or subject, for example, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and etc. Each session then focuses on a particular topic that is relevant to the theme of the group. The sessions are designed in a way that allows each individual to talk about their experience, thoughts, and experiences.
  2. Personal Exploration or Process Groups:
    These groups are less structured than the ones mentioned above. There are no specific themes for the counseling sessions. Some groups have themes and specific topics like grief, loss, working on healthy relationships. These can also be targeted towards specific groups like LGBTQ, women, men, and children, etc. People can bring any issue that they think is relevant and important to talk about. Everyone in the group is encouraged to support the other members and make them feel welcomed to share their feelings.

There is also the possibility of working in a combined setting of structure and process where both methodologies can be used to facilitate communication.

Benefits Of Group Counseling

It may sound intimidating to join a group and meet new people but more often than not, a group counseling session or sessions can make you feel included and also put your mind at ease knowing the simple fact that you are not alone in the way you feel. That there are other individuals that feel the same way you do and that you can all come to a consensus on what the solution for some of these issues is.

Group counseling can help you find a group of people that you can relate with and who can understand how you feel. You can also have a group to bounce your ideas off of and feel more confident in your decision making than you ever did before. Regularly engaging with these people can help you see your issues and problems more clearly and help you come to a conclusion much quicker than doing it alone.

Why Choose Secure Foundation Counseling

Secure Foundation Counseling has its foundations in its licensed and certified counselor, Matthew Lloyd. Matthew is a Registered Play Therapist (RPT) as well as Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT), and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT). Matthew has been working with patients for over a decade now and that has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of individuals and how they perform in a group setting.

Matthew uses licensed techniques to ensure that a group can serve its purpose and enable individuals to do better in every setting. He works with the group to enable individual participation.

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